It's Time to Join the Team!

Sam Warriner Triathlon Training

My goal here at Sweat7 is to help you turn your athletic goals into reality.  Every athlete that embarks on a training program with Sweat7 enters into a journey of self discovery.

Sweat7 is my own personal dream,  I'm Sam Warriner, New Zealand's most successful female triathlete, former ITU World Number 1 and Ironman Champion.

The name describes where we came from and what the pillars of the team are based upon (S)am (W)arriner, (E)nergy, (A)ttitude, (T)raining, (7) days a week.

Our athletes train to their fullest potential, whether first timers or seasoned Ironman athlete, the specialists we have aligned with at Sweat7 present the necessary stimuli at the opportune time to encourage athletic development.  Put simply - the coaching process is athlete centred and development driven.

We do everything we can to have you on a program that compliments your own learning and training style, whether that be the $50/month membership option or $250/month 1:1 Coaching Package.

We're 'no frills' though - our athletes understand their are no magic wands in endurance sport.  You won't find rubber power wrist bands, fad diets or accelerated coaching packages here.  Training to get the absolute best out of yourself is the 'diamond' of goals....time and pressure is what's required, there are no substitutes for hard work and lots of it.

If you're interested in discussing what we can do for you, please email me and I'll be happy to discuss training options with you.

Sam Warriner.